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Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Take On Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Take On Wealthy Affiliate

Make-money-online-wealthy-affiliate-trainingSince you are viewing my Wealthy Affiliate review page chances are you are searching for rock solid, zero hype information about Wealthy Affiliate so that you can make a qualified, educated and correct decision regarding whether to join or not join. If that sounds like you, grab some coffee and stick with me because that is what you will get by reading my Wealthy Affiliate review.

kyleandcarsonWealthy Affiliate is the brainchild of Carson Lim and Kyle Loudoun. The parent company is Niche Marketing Inc owned by Carson (President) and Kyle (Vice President). Niche Marketing Inc. (not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau) has received 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 4 Customer Reviews and a BBB Rating of A-.

The two met in college. They had vastly similar interests which hinged around marketing online. Together they took their aspirations from the dorm room to the virtual board room in the year 2005.

They started a company that offered keywords originally and evolved into the online affiliate training platform known as Wealthy Affiliate. The company continues to evolve as the online marketing trends change however … 

The basics remain much the same and they teach those first. They teach (step-by-step) how to build a site, create content based on keyword research to capture organic search traffic. They also teach what they do on a daily basis to create income so that you won’t need to struggle online trying to make a living. Kyle, Carson and team teach the basics of marketing online for the newbies and more advanced strategies for those who are farther along. They also teach what is working now.

rags-to-riches-wealthy-affiliate-reviewEven though these guys are some of the most successful men online today neither Kyle nor Carson flaunt their success. They don’t talk about how much money they make or how many palatial beach homes in Costa Rica they own. They don’t tell rags to riches stories about being homeless and suddenly becoming millionaires. And …

They don’t tell you what everyone else online does that wants your money. In fact, these guys preach the exact opposite of most online gurus. Kyle and Carson teach that you will have to work, you won’t be rich tomorrow or next week and that it might take months before you ever see a dime. Yet …

Even though they don’t pitch hype Wealthy Affiliate boasts over 800,000 members as I write this; Kyle, Carson and team have helped over one (1) MILLION budding Internet entrepreneurs find success online. They have now seen 11 years of helping folks like you and me.

Again, their success didn’t come from pitching rags to riches and people don’t flock to Wealthy Affiliate with the vision of striking the mother lode by building an mlm downline. Students do not stay for years because they get paid on 50 levels of income. Students come and stay because they learn HOW to market online, are given all the tools needed to make money, they do make money and they learn about current trends before most everyone else.

What Wealthy Affiliate Is NOT …

wealthy-affiliate-is-not-a-rags-to-riches-scamI want you to understand perfectly, I mean in the most crystal clear way, that Wealthy Affiliate may not be for you.

If you are looking for an “over night” riches type deal I suggest you neither waste your time or mine. You’d do far better buying a lottery ticket (because most over night riches hunters are LAZY) or …

Joining some online scam with a circus barking guru who claims to have been homeless, living out of his van but now live on the beaches of the world simply because he did this or that. The reasons I point this all out are because …

Wealthy Affiliate IS NOT:

  • Multi-level marketing (MLM) aka Network Marketing (MLM)
  • Boasting an over night rags to riches scheme
  • Claiming you’ll get rich over night from “spillover” due to some wowie zowie 2 X 10, super charged, mega bonus forced matrix pay plan or from simply becoming a member.

Nope if you join Wealthy Affiliate expecting to get rich over night or off of someone else’s efforts you are going to suffer the worst of disappointments! So …

The best advice I can give you IF you are “one of those” is to move along and look for a guru “rags to riches” story you can swallow with those pills and beer.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

IS wealthy affiliate worth it? what-is-wealthy-affiliate-universityWealthy Affiliate is the premier, online affiliate training center. The marketing courses offered at Wealthy Affiliate make it possible for anyone, who can follow direction, to make money online from home.

All you have to do is learn the training content (video, written etc) and USE what you learn. IF you do that you will succeed, as others have done, in fact …

You could become extremely successful in your own right due to what you learn and use while involved with Wealthy Affiliate University because …

The company has given birth to 6 figure and 7 figure income earners. Some started years ago and are still members to this very day.

Learning to market online isn’t a race.

You can learn at your own pace.

If you run into problems or have questions there are seasoned earners who are just a post or personal message away. The Internet never sleeps so getting problems solved and questions answered is easy. You will also be taught by a diverse group of people (other students). At first this may seem counter productive yet …

old-dog-new-tricks-at-welathy-affiliateBeing exposed to what’s working for people earning small, medium and large incomes, now, online, is very beneficial. This method gives you a diverse view of what strategies work now and for whom they work. However …

Kyle (co-founder) does MOST of the training himself. Heck, Kyle makes learning how to do online marketing like, painting by numbers. I’m serious. I’m an old dog and if I can learn new stuff via the training so can you. 🙂

Who Needs This Training?

home-business-failureMost people who set out with the idea of making money online from home fail. They fail because they simply do not know how to market products, services or ideas online. It doesn’t matter what online business model you are currently using if you don’t know how to market online you’ll fail. In fact …

The major reason I became a member is that I was failing BIG time online. IF you have read about me you know that I’m really NOT used to failing. But I was failing and I needed help. Becoming a Wealthy Affiliate University student has proven to be a good decision. You may find that becoming a member is a lot more attractive than struggling to make your first buck online or worse failing completely and quitting.

Quality affiliate training is necessary for success online because contrary to what you may have been told, products and services do not simply market and recommend themselves. Without top quality, “what’s working now” affiliate training you may never realize your dream of becoming the next millionaire in your neighborhood, retiring early, or quitting that job you hate.

How Do You Make Money?

Wealthy Affiliate offers an affiliate program for those who wish to promote WA. It doesn’t consist of buying and promoting potions, lotions, protein shakes, dog biscuits or soap. We have something for anyone who has ever wanted to create their own online presence (for their current offline business) or build a niche’ site empire online. This makes gathering customers for your WA residual income business much easier.

Those who want to create an online business presence for their brick and mortar off-line business (shoe store, jewelry store, pizza joint etc) or create an extra income from home or even replace their current income will see the opportunity Wealthy Affiliate provides for only $49 per month ($1.63 per day) or $359 per year ($.98 per day) so …

Whether your next door neighbor, bowling buddy, or shirt-tail relative is a tavern owner or a professional such as a doctor, lawyer or real estate agent Wealthy Affiliate offers them the opportunity to EASILY create their own website presence, brand their business, their name and find more customers. This means that …

wealthy-affiliate-trains-you-to-become-successful-with-amazonPromoting the affiliate program is NOT the only way to make money online with your Wealthy Affiliate membership. You will learn how to promote ANY service or product.

When you have completed the material you’ll know EXACTLY how to find niche’ markets full of hungry buyers waiting to give you money for solving a problem and filling a need. For example …

If you have a love for quilting, scrap booking, gardening or any other hobby you’ll learn how to turn that hobby into an online business.

You’d be amazed at how many members do NOT promote the WA affiliate program. Instead they create niche’ sites for various different interests. They search out pockets of hungry buyers for xyz’s wowie zowie product and create large passive incomes as an affiliate. The opportunities to earn online are limited only by your own imagination limitations.

If you want to become the top realtor, insurance broker or car salesman in your city you will learn exactly how to build your own professional website that will build your brand (your name) and capture more leads than you can handle.

If you want to become the top, powerhouse sponsor in your mlm opportunity you will learn exactly how to do that. You will learn how to market ANYTHING online, the right way.

wealthy-affiliate-home-businessAnother cool benefit you’ll enjoy is that while you are learning from the wealth of information you can write off your University membership investment as an educational business expense. And …

If you don’t already have a home business, as a member you will be taught how to create your own online home business, so …

You’ll also have home business tax advantages that could easily create a profit for you, the first year or two, with tax savings (no joke).[1]

You could easily save enough money, on your taxes, each year to reimburse your monthly or yearly tuition and have profit left over. This is a benefit and good to know because …

If you can barely turn on your computer and write an email to your kids or friend there is very little possibility of becoming filthy rich in the next 6 – 12 months no matter what business model you choose. In fact …

You should have seen me when I first started online. I was so inept it’s an absolute miracle that I was ever able to earn even my first dollar online. When I saw the video below I almost busted a gut laughing because that was me! when I first started learning to use my computer.

The point being don’t listen to all the hype online. Be realistic in both your goals and your current skill set because your current skill set will determine how long it will actually take you to reach your goals. Always remember …

Professionals (doctors, lawyers, dentists, cpas etc) do NOT become high income earners over night. They first have to LEARN their craft and then either become employed by a firm or build their own business.

Marketers are no different! When you were born your mama did not scream out “Praise God He just gave me a top online marketer!” Ok, maybe that wasn’t a good analogy because God could do that! But I think you catch my drift.

happy-people-at-wealthy-affiliateAnother thing you’ll like about Wealthy Affiliate is the family atmosphere. It is like joining a second family. Everyone is friendly. There is no promotion of any kind allowed and so the atmosphere is one of helping each other learn to be great online marketers instead of just another pitch site.

IF you are an introvert you may find the friendliness a bit overwhelming but it may also help to bring you out of your “shell” and create some good online relationships that could develop into joint business ventures.

All I can say is you have most likely never even imagined or seen this quality of affiliate training anywhere before. Internet marketing stars are not born but they are made while attending the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Who Is The Perfect Student?

The perfect student is one who is teachable. The perfect student will be totally open to learning the right ways to market online. The perfect student will have a huge desire and determination to succeed. He or she has to be able to focus on the goal (becoming a marketer) and stay on track.

Those who make the best students at Wealthy Affiliate are those who want to learn. The following types of people make perfect Wealthy Affiliate students:

  1. happy-people-at-wealthy-affiliatePeople who need to learn How to easily build their first website and continue to build more websites in their chosen niches
  2. People who need an EZ way to build those sites (4 steps and it’s Go time)
  3. People who need all the tools necessary (hosting, site builder, keyword tool, link checker/cloaker and more) to complete those sites.
  4. People who would like their tools all in one place
  5. People who need step-by-step, proven training that will teach them HOW to make money online (12 class rooms with classes that include written text, over 1000 videos, homework and more)
  6. People who have a passion they would like to turn from a hobby or dream into an online business
  7. People who are affiliates, networkers, professionals (doctor, dentist, lawyer, cpa, realtor, insurance agent, stock broker, etc), small brick and mortar business owners (flower shops, bakeries, taverns, restaurants, etc) who would like to give their current business a practical, on target, online presence
  8. People who want an extremely friendly, positive environment that allows NO solicitation of or from other Wealthy Affiliate University students
  9. People who are currently struggling online to make a buck, are tired of scams and would genuinely like to succeed
  10. ANYONE who needs and wants extra income and would like to create that income online

The above mentioned types of people make perfect, happy Wealthy Affiliate students. So if you happen to fall into one of those categories by all means KEEP reading BECAUSE you are about to find the home you need! Listen to what Sahbi has to say about a question he asked himself:

Will It Work For Me?


Read Sahbi’s whole story

I want you to pay CLOSE attention to this next testimony. It’s from Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate. The importance being that …

Even Kyle DID NOT experience instant success. It took him THREE (3) months to get his FIRST sale! Yet, he and Carson persisted and have become widely known as Internet champions!

Why should you expect to be a 7 figure earner over night? Follow the Wealthy Affiliate training and be patient! So take …

Note: Just open a FREE account.

Do NOT upgrade yet!

You’ll have plenty of time (7 days to receive a 39% discount) to upgrade AFTER you look around, see what’s available and decide if Wealthy Affiliate is your kind of place and whether or not you can comfortably afford being an upgraded, full-blown student for at least 6 – 12 months because …

You can NOT go back to a “free” status!

Wealthy Affiliate is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It is an online marketing University. Do you learn how to be a doctor in one month? No! So make sure you are able to stay in for the long haul before you upgrade. I’m not interested in simply making a sale. I want you to succeed online and that is NOT going to happen in 30 days for most people!


Read Kyle’s Full Story Here

All I’m saying is be sure Wealthy Affiliate is a perfect fit for you. I look at my membership as a long-term investment in me. You should do the same because there is so much information that it will take quite some time to learn and then implement everything available to you. And your membership is like having a huge marketing library. You can always come back and learn more or re-take courses. Plus like I’ve said before the marketing climate changes and Kyle and Carson keep up and relay the information back to us.

More Wealthy Affiliate Student Success Stories

Not everyone grows up to create 7 figure incomes so let’s look at some average people and what they have done with the training while at Wealthy Affiliate. This will help answer your own question “Will I make money by getting trained?”

Alex Sol

Alex was brand spanking new. Never had any affiliate, IM or marketing experience. Totally GREEN as grass when he came to Wealthy Affiliate University. And look at what he accomplished!


Click Here To Read Alex’s Original Story


Rina gets her first sale in less than two months!


Click Here To Read Rina’s Original Story

Paul’s First Sale $295


That should be enough Wealthy Affiliate success stories to prove to you that ANYONE, you included, will make money when you follow the step-by-step, paint-by-the-numbers training at WAU. So …

Click Here To Get Started With Your Own Free Account

You May Be Thinking …
“What Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer Me?”

Wealthy Affiliate offers a lot for as little as $.98 per day ($359 yearly) or $1.63 per day ($49 monthly). Check out this list and read the rest of the page! If you THINK you know what WAU offers, you don’t. I almost guarantee you only know part of the story.

  • wealthy-affiliate-moneyWebsites Personal or Business Use (up to 50)
  • Site-Builder – WordPress Installs – No HTML Needed (done in 4 steps)
  • Hosting (up to 50 sites included)
  • Keyword tool (unlimited use for research))
  • Website security package (protect against hackers)
  • Website backup (keeps your data safe in case of disater)
  • Beginner certification training course
  • Affiliate boot camp training
  • Live video classes (every Friday)
  • Video walk-through
  • 12 training class rooms
  • LIVE Chat
  • Affiliate program
  • All for as little as $.98 per day ($359) yearly or 1.63 per day ($49 per mnonth).

You probably waste more than $1.63 each day on things you don’t need (coffee, donuts, smokes, pop etc)! When you partner up with Wealthy Affiliate you’ll learn exactly what to do to make money online. Things like:

  1. How to build a site
  2. How to choose the right keywords
  3. How to write quality original content based on those keywords
  4. How to get your pages, posts and site to rank in Google for targeted organic search traffic
  5. How to use social media to drive traffic to your site
  6. How to use PPC (pay-per-click) advertising correctly
  7. How to start follow up campaigns
  8. And much more.

Nobody can MAKE you learn or DO what you learn. You need to supply the desire, tenacity and focus to win the game of online marketing but …

The World Is Your Market!

the world is our market

The exciting thing to remember is that millions of NEW people come online every day. That’s right NEW people, those who have never been on the Internet before.

The online money-making opportunities are not saturated.

Far from it.

The opportunities to create income online via affiliate marketing are increasing day by day and Wealthy Affiliate is waiting to teach you how to get your share.

In fact, those “in the know” predict that 1.5 TRILLION in revenue is out there, up for grabs, in the online global shopping center. Consumers are more often opting to buy their products and services online because most companies will ship a product for free when the customer purchases product.

Amazon is a perfect example.

woman-using-computer-laptop-buying-online-shopping-by-credit-cardWith free shipping on a lot of goods it simply makes sense to do shopping and buying online especially with gas prices remaining high. And …

One thing I have personally noticed is that almost 52% of my website visitors are using mobile devices to visit sites and buy products and services. For me personally that translates to a significant jump of 28% over just two years ago. If you’d have told me in 1990 that I’d be buying stuff online with a hand-held device, a small “smart phone” I’d have laughed at you.

Join Wealthy Affiliate For EVERYTHING You Need Under One Roof!

Again, when you join Wealthy Affiliate you will have every tool you need including the best training on the planet to enable you to build an extra income from home or an affiliate niche’ site empire. Let’s cover in more depth exactly what you get.

Website/Blog Hosting

HostingYour website and blog hosting (a $120/yr value) is included with your Wealthy Affiliate membership. You can host a site or blog just like mine. You can host up to 50 blogs and sites. You could build an Adsense empire or an affiliate empire or both.

You could find 10-20-30-50 niches chalked full of hungry people waiting to give you money for a practical solution to a problem they need solved.

Niche sites that produce money every single month on complete autopilot. Just 20 sites that produce a conservative $200 per month each (easily doable) would generate $4000 per month in passive income. Keep building small niche sites and reach 45 that produce revenues of $200 each and you’d have a $9,000 per month or $108,000 yearly gross income.

Easy To Use Free Site Builder

As mentioned above you can build a site, a web presence. This can be easily done by using the free site builder that comes with your Wealthy Affiliate membership. If you can follow the set-up wizard and tutorials (no html needed) you can build a website and be up and running in a few hours. You’ll be able to create a family site, business sites or both, what ever you choose and works for you.

Instant WordPress Blogs

It’s easy to install WordPress (about one click) and then continue to build your blog by adding content such as pictures, video and textual content.

You can also use WordPress to build a website by simply choosing a free theme that is designed to be used as a regular site. This WordPress option allows online marketers to build content rich niche sites in short order.

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to build and host up to 50 WordPress blogs or sites, included in your $49 monthly investment! In fact, let me show you how easy it is to set up your first website.

Start A Home Business With Wealthy Affiliate and …

How to Become a Stay at Home Mom and Make Money OnlineBecome a stay-at-home mom. A Wealthy Affiliate membership teaches you how to become successful via affiliate or Internet marketing. With time Wealthy Affiliate can turn you into an online marketing super affiliate. This gives you a way to make money from home online so you can be home with your kids. Pretty cool huh? 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate will also pay you for spreading the word via word of mouth advertising (online). Something you’ve done every day of your life; telling others about a good deal, movie or food joint but …

Did you get paid?

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you’ll not only have access to the best affiliate training but you’ll get paid for doing something you’ve done for free. Refer others to Wealthy Affiliate and get paid EVERY month they stay a member (residual income).

You could create an extra income of say $500 per month or build a full-time income of $5000+ per month simply by sharing the Wealthy Affiliate educational opportunity with others.

Imagine staying home with your children, being there when they came home from school and more. The real value of an Internet home business isn’t necessarily measured by the size of your bank account.


The Wealthy Affiliate Training Center

One of the things I like most about Wealthy Affiliate is that if I have a question that needs an answer, even if it’s 2 AM, chances are there is a Wealthy Affiliate member somewhere who has the answer. One of those places is the Wealthy Affiliate classroom.

You can search topics in the 12 classrooms, look for answers to questions that may be the same as yours or ask your own question and soon have all the answers or advice on a subject you could need. Wealthy Affiliate classrooms are simply an amazing resource and training area.

Another great resource is the live chat. It’s available 24 hours per day and like the classrooms there is usually someone around to answer your questions.

Screenshot of LIVE Chat


I can’t tell you how amazing the Wealthy Affiliate training really is or how much information is available to learn. It is something you have to experience. It is so HUGE it can easily become overwhelming. One just has to realize that people attend a University full-time for 4 years to earn a degree. They don’t absorb all the information in a day or two. It takes years to learn everything needed for a degree. And that is basically what Wealthy Affiliate is, a University for people who want to become marketing professionals.

If you want to become an online marketing professional and earn a professional’s income Wealthy Affiliate is the place for you. If you’ve read this far you read about Alex Sol who, after just 3 months, yes 90 days (give or take a day) went from ZERO income online to his first $400 DAY (he has a very focused work ethic)! The income didn’t come from promoting Wealthy Affiliate. He markets Clickbank products. BUT the point is …

IF you have the drive you can make it happen!

You can turn a hobby or passion into an Internet cash machine.

Ok, ok you’ve heard my rah-rah about Wealthy Affiliate so what are the drawbacks, the downside, the cons?

Wealthy Affiliate Cons, Drawbacks or Catches?

There are NOT many cons, drawbacks or catches and what I am going to list are just what I’ve heard others say on ONE point or what I think myself. Mostly what I think myself.

  1. There is so much information available one can get overwhelmed and suffer from info overload. I’ve heard this on many occasions. Simply focus on what Kyle and Jay teach. There is enough of that material to keep one busy for some time.
  2. It’s a friendly crowd. The camaraderie is great but it can become a HUGE time waster if you allow it. Stay focused and that won’t happen.

Well that’s about the only cons, drawbacks or disadvantages I can think of at least from my personal standpoint. As you can see they are minor and nothing to stop anyone from joining, getting trained and becoming successful. If you stay focused, learn the material and then DO what you learn you can’t help becoming successful! Seriously …

The “Pros” far outweigh the “Cons.” That is MY opinion. Heck I like it so much I’m a yearly guy. I pay my tuition yearly. I want to be able to come and get answers when I need them and yes, I like to help others who need help and of course if you become a serious student via my links I’ll be available to you. 🙂

Save THOUSANDS On Your Taxes

The beauty of joining Wealthy Affiliate is that when you have a home business (doesn’t matter what kind) you win every year no matter what. Even if you never succeed to any great extent your first year, you can still win big.[1], [2], [3]


Listen to Sandy Botkin explain exactly how you’ll save money year after year.

Listening to Sandy Botkin is eye-opening isn’t it?

You could save thousands per year simply by owning your own home business and working it a few hours per day, from home.

If you can’t save $1000 per year on your taxes after starting a home business with Wealthy Affiliate you definitely need a new tax adviser! So why not let Uncle Sam (if you live in the USA) pay for your Wealthy Affiliate Education? It’s your choice – Pay the government or pay yourself.

I hope you enjoyed my Wealthy Affiliate Review! 🙂

Click Here To Get Started With Your Own Free Account


  1. Lower Your Taxes – BIG TIME! 2015 Edition: Wealth Building, Tax Reduction Secrets from an IRS Insider by Sandy Botkin
  2. Deduct It!: Lower Your Small Business Taxes by Stephen Fishman JD
  3. Outsmarting the System: Lower Your Taxes, Control Your Future, and Reach Financial Freedom by Anthony C. Campidonica

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