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The Wealthy Affiliate Scam – Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam – Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

the wealthy affiliate scamIs the Wealthy Affiliate scam real? Since you have found this specific page you are obviously looking into whether or not the Wealthy Affiliate scam is real or simply smoke.

Your search for that specific information would also indicate you are close to making a decision and want to learn how to market online. I bet you searched using the keyword phrases “the Wealthy Affiliate scam” or “Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam” in order to get here didn’t you? If you said yes, keep that in mind. 🙂

If you’re looking for the truth you have found the right site and page because that is exactly what you are going to get. The truth, no hype. So …

What About The Wealthy Affiliate Scam?
Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

After having sampled the Wealthy Affiliate community, culture and mission I’d have to emphatically say that the Wealthy Affiliate scam is definitely smoke and mirrors. It has been my experience that most of the people who like to belittle other companies are usually disgruntled because they failed. There are some exceptions to this and since I’m not interested in being sued I won’t mention those companies that I think (with good reason) are indeed scams and companies I’d avoid like the plague. Anyway …

Watch this video and learn what Wealthy Affiliate can do for you.


It is extremely difficult to fail as a Wealthy Affiliate member. You’d have to be downright lazy or simply not teachable.

I suppose you could be unsuccessful at marketing the WA affiliate program because it’s a tough, competative niche but …

To fail completely online after taking the training courses and implementing what you learned, well, I would think it to be almost impossible. You’d need to completely waste your money by never going through the training.

the-wealthy-affiliate-scam-teaches-affiliates-to-succeed-onlineKyle and Carson do indeed hope you’ll be successful promoting the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity. Obviously they want you to bring in more students but your main focus should be on an education in online marketing. There are many people who go through the Wealthy Affiliate marketing courses, learn how to market online yet never promote Wealthy Affiliate. Instead …

They promote network marketing opportunities for leveraged residual incomes or build niche marketing sites (hobbies become online cash machines) for long-term passive income or use what they learn to build an Amazon affiliate empire.

Most of the 400,000 plus members are too busy making a living online with what they’ve learned at Wealthy Affiliate to write articles claiming that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.

You May Be Thinking …
“What Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer Me?”

Wealthy Affiliate offers a lot for $1.63 per day. Check out this list and read the rest of the page! If you THINK you know what WAU offers, you don’t. I almost guarantee you only know part of the story.

  • wealthy-affiliate-moneyWordPress Websites (up to 50!)
  • Hosting (you need a place for your sites to hang out)
  • Website security package (keeps your site safe from hackers)
  • Website backup (keeps your site files safe)
  • Keyword tool (helps you rank for organic search traffic)
  • Link Tracker (tracks your affiliate links)
  • Link Cloaker (disguises your links & protects against commission theft)
  • Beginner training course (5 levels, 50 lessons)
  • Affiliate boot camp training (7 Phases, 10 lessons each)
  • Live video classes(live training every Friday)
  • Video library (1,000+ training videos!)
  • Video walk-through
  • 12 training class rooms
  • LIVE Chat
  • Affiliate program
  • All for $1.63 per day.

you-need-a-websiteThe fact is $49 per month ($1.63 per day) is cheap for a membership that contains everything you need to create an online empire. Just the hosting and keyword tool would cost you $30 – $40 per month and I’ll prove it.

Let’s say for giggles and grins that right now you just don’t see the value in a WA membership and you think: “Hey I’m smart, I can do this on my own!” In that case there are two (2) tools you will absolutely need in order to make money online.

The first is a website and in order to have a website you need hosting. Hosting is really nothing more than a place where your site(s) lives. Hosting is a necessary requirement. Without it you can’t have a website.

The second is called a keyword tool. Without a great keyword tool you won’t be able to uncover the perfect phrases (keywords) that people use to search for what they want on the Internet. 

Let’s take a look at the cost of each one.

When you build a site you need somewhere for it to hang out. That means you need an Internet home. Hosting gives your site a place to hang out on the Net. Hosting costs money.



As you can plainly see HostGator allows you three (3) sites with charges starting at $9.95 per month! Hosting is NOT free and the more traffic you receive the more it is going to cost! I’ve heard of people having their sites shut down for receiving too much traffic! THAT costs you money!

Wealthy Affiliate allows you hosting for 50 sites included in the membership!

Keyword Tool
In order to search out high profit low competition keywords and phrases you NEED a keyword tool. Some keyword tools charge a yearly fee. Some offer a monthly fee. Either way a good one isn’t cheap!



At $37 per month for a GOOD keyword tool you are now at $46.95 per month just for hosting and the keyword tool. The good news is that a great keyword tool is included in your Wealthy Affiliate membership. I use it ALL the time. In fact I used it earlier to uncover the keywords “the Wealthy Affiliate scam” and “Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam” that you probably used to find this site page you are on right now!

You probably waste more than $1.63 each day on things you don’t need (coffee, donuts, smokes, pop etc)! When you partner up with me and Wealthy Affiliate you’ll learn exactly what to do to make money online. We can’t MAKE you learn or DO what you learn. You need to supply the desire, tenacity and focus to win the game of online marketing but …

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

the-wealthy-affiliate-scam-is-wealthy-affiliate-a-scamI think not! After allowing for the cost of hosting and a keyword tool that I’d need to buy anyway there isn’t even enough money left over from the $49 monthly fee to buy a candy bar and a pack of gum! So …

The affiliate training that I used (keyword research, content creation, and more) to build this site you are on right now is a bonus! Yet the training is THE most important part of the membership. Without the training I’d be sitting here trying to figure out how to build this site and get site traffic.

Need more proof?


Let’s take a look at what the Better Business Bureau has to say about the company. The parent company is Niche Marketing Inc. The owners are Carson Lim (President) and Kyle Loudoun (Vice President). Niche Marketing Inc. has received 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 4 Customer Reviews and a BBB Rating of A-. You can check it out here.

Obviously the company isn’t perfect or they’d have a rating of A+ but A- isn’t bad. But who cares about what I think or what the BBB thinks. What do other Wealthy Affiliate members think?

Member Success Stories

Wealthy Affiliate success stories are shared inside the training facility. New members especially get extremely excited when they make their first dollar online (even if it’s only pennies from a small Amazon sale) by following the training. The important lesson to understand is that if you can make one sale online you can make a thousand. Once you have learned how to do it it’s like washing your hair. Lather, scrub, rinse and repeat.

The following members have had success due to the step-by-step affiliate training at Wealthy Affiliate. Remember there are over 400,000 members so there are far more success stories than I have posted here. I don’t know everyone. In fact, I know very few!


Alex Sol is one hard working marketer. At least when he started. Now he plays more than he works. Alex was green as spring grass when he first became a member. He had no clue what to do! Alex went from clueless to a $400 day in 90 days. 🙂


Read Alex’s whole story

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Paul Goodwin lives in Lithuania and is on fire for stero systems and equiptment. This was his first sale and it was some sort of high end stero cable. Anyway his first sale made $295 bucks 🙂


Read about Paul’s success


Rusty is from Australia and obviously already had some online experience. He’d only been with Wealthy Affiliate about a month when the training enabled him to increase his profits by 122%. That’s sweet! 🙂


Read Rusty’s story


Fyre quit her job. She was able to do that because of what she learned at WA. When you learn to market online the world is your money tree. Who is next? 🙂


Read Fyre’s whole story

What IS Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the premier, online affiliate training center. The marketing courses offered at WA make it possible for anyone, who can follow direction, to make money online from home. All you have to do is learn the training content (video, written etc) and USE what you learn. IF you do that you will succeed just as others have done. Wealthy Affiliate University has given birth to 6 figure and 7 figure income earners. Some are still members.


Who Are THE Wealthy Affiliates?

kyleandcarsonTHE Wealthy Affiliates are Carson Lim and Kyle Loudoun. The two met in college. They had vastly similar interests which hinged around marketing online and together they took their aspirations from the dorm room in 2005 to the virtual board room.

They started a company that offered keywords originally and evolved into the online affiliate training platform known as Wealthy Affiliate. They teach (step-by-step) what they do on a daily basis to create income so that you won’t need to struggle online trying to make a living.

Even though these guys are some of the most successful men online today neither Kyle nor Carson flaunt their success. They don’t talk about how much money they make or how many palatial beach homes in Costa Rica they own. They don’t tell rags to riches stories about being homeless and suddenly becoming millionaires. And …

They don’t tell you what everyone else online does that wants your money. In fact, these guys teach the exact opposite of most online gurus. Kyle and Carson teach that you will have to work, you won’t be rich tomorrow or next week and that it might take months before you ever see a dime. Yet …

Even though they don’t pitch hype Wealthy Affiliate boasts over 400,000 members as I write this and …

Kyle, Carson and team have helped over one (1) MILLION budding Internet entrepreneurs find success online. They have now seen 11 years of helping folks like you and me.

Who Needs Wealthy Affiliate?

training-affiliatesMost people who set out with the idea of making money online from home fail. They fail because they simply do not know how to market products, services or ideas online. It doesn’t matter what online business model you are currently using if you don’t know how to market online you’ll fail. In fact …

The major reason I became a member is that I was failing BIG time online. IF you have read about me you know that I’m really NOT used to failing. But I was failing and I needed help. Becoming a Wealthy Affiliate University student has proven to be a good decision. You may find that becoming a member is a lot more attractive than struggling to make your first buck online or worse failing completely and quitting.

Quality affiliate training is necessary for success online because contrary to what you may have been told, products and services do not simply sell themselves. Without top quality, “what’s working now” affiliate training you may never realize your dream of becoming the next millionaire in your neighborhood, retiring early, or quitting that job you hate.

So who needs the Wealthy Affiliate?

Anyone who needs or wants to succeed online.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? No it isn’t!

Quick Summary of Starting Choices



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