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Paul Miller – My Career Story

Paul Miller – My Career Story

Paul Miller - My Career Story - U.S. MarineYou may find a little info on me, Paul Miller, helpful so that you know why you may possibly want to listen to what I have to say about home business, affiliate marketing and online marketing profits (even though I am NOT a guru nor do I intend on becoming one) so …

Here’s my humble story.

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest of humble, hard working parents. My Dad, like his father, worked on the railroad and my mom for a local milk company. I went to Catholic schools and after high school graduation, joined the USMC at 17. After 3 years of service …

I was back home.

That was May 1975. I had no real world job skills and no job. My idea was to relax for the summer, do some primitive camping, fishing and white water rafting. But guess what? Along about the middle of August, I was broke and kinda bored. And since I was broke I was forced to seek a way to earn some money.

Paul Miller and Real Estate 

paul-miller-wealthy-affiliate-trainingIn searching for employment I found myself checking the “want ads” for a way to make some money and noticed one offering a carreer in real estate sales.

I’d always been interested in real estate and the ad said they would train me. And as I read more ads it looked like you could make a ton of money as a sales pro. So …

I called for an interview.

Afterall I like money and as I said that particular “real estate sales” ad said they would provide training. So I made an appointment.

I arrived a few minutes before the scheduled appoinment time.

The sign out front of the older yellow and red building told me the firms name: Realty Mart.

I walked in and I was introduced to the real estate broker and owner, Burt Strait.

Promises, Promises – I Should Have Known

Now, looking back, Burt looked like “Leisure Suit Larry” with his shirt open about 4 buttons, gold chains aroundfirst-civilian-boss his neck, cheap rings on his fingers and I think a timex watch.

After asking me about my backround and what I hoped to accomplish he began telling me about his success in real estate and how selling real estate could make me wealthy.

He also assured me I’d be given complete and intensive training.

I made my first mistake walking in the door and when he asked if I wanted to come aboard I made the second. I said yes. However …

At that point I went home excited! Heck, I was gonna be a real eastate magnate. I couldn’t sleep. I could see those big commission checks I was told I’d earn in no time flat. I was looking forward to becoming a trained real estate selling machine.

And finally Monday, the first day of my new career, was a reality. I couldn’t wait to get started. I was there early.

Whooops! Where’s the BEEF?!

beef-wealthy-affiliate-is-all-beefMy first day in my new sales profession went EXACTLY like this:

  • I filled out forms
  • I paid a fee for my temporary license


Burt showed me my new desk, the telephone, the telephone book and said: “hop to it.”

That was my training program at Realty Mart.

The first week was almost over.

No training, no sales.

It was Saturday and I had what they called “floor time” which basically meant I had the opportunity to possibly meet some “walk-in” prospects who might have an interest in buying one of our listed properties.

Long towards 4pm I was bored, no calls, no office traffic.

I saw the Saturday paper laying on a desk close to mine and decided to check it out. I scoped out the want ads. Under sales there was an ad that caught my attention. It read:

Closers Needed Private land sales company has more leads than we can handle. Earn BIG money fast. Call….

I didn’t know what a “closer” was so I thought, since I was bored out of my skull, that I’d call and find out.

Since it was Saturday I thought I’d probably be calling for nothing but I called anyway and a guy with an authoritative voice answered and asked if he could be of service.

I introduced myself, explained I read the ad, was fresh out of the Marine Corps, was at my first sales job, hadn’t sold a thing, was promised training but didn’t receive any and then I asked him what a “closer” was.

Turns out Jim McMullen owned the company.

I was chatting with the owner like he was an old friend.

Eventhough I had no experience he asked me if I’d like to come in for an interview.

I said sure – when? money

He asked: Are you making money where you’re at now?

I said no.

He asked: “How about now? My managment team is here, we are just wrapping up a meeting and we could all meet you at one time. That would work for you wouldn’t it?”

Being bored, broke and kinda mad because of how my job training had not come to pass it took me only about 10 seconds to make up my mind, leave Burt a nice thank you note and I was out the door and on my way to Cailus Corporation to meet Jim.

I finally found the office address on South Grand.

I entered the drive which led down to a beautiful stone/brick structure with a tile roof and leaded glass windows.

The whole building was covered in ivy which gave the place an elegant look.

I got out of my new 1975 Dodge Ramcharger, locked the doors and went inside to meet Jim.

The entry was spectacular with marble floors.

I was surprised to see a secretary on Saturday and she politely asked how she could serve me and so I said I had an appointment with Jim McMullen. She buzzed Jim and mentioned I was there and then told me Jim would be right out.

Jim didn’t look anything like Burt. Jim looked like he was worth millions. Wearing a suit that must have cost $500 – $1000, Gucci loafers, a rolex Nice-Suit-Dudeand a silk tie he oozed money and confidence.

I later learned that day that Jim had a home on the coveted “High Drive.”

Jim made money.

After he introduced himself and we shook hands he then introduced me to his Vice President – Ron Olsen. Before Jim hired Ron, Ron was the regional director for the large camp ground sales company ACI Parks which later became NACO.

I was then also introduced to Jim’s General manager Doug Smith who used to be a MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) member with Penn State Life.

These were the three guys that, for some reason unknown to me, took me under their wing and taught me to sell.

Jim’s land sales company “Timberland Resources” sold land in Washington, Idaho and Montana. Jim bought the land, subdivided it and his sales teams sold it, usually via in-home presentations and “site-unseen.”

Within 6 months of joining Jim’s team he promoted me to sales manager and had me hire my own team that I had to train to do what I did. That was when I first learned how to hire and train other good sales closers.

A few years later Jim retired and Ron and Doug started their own company. They asked if I wanted in, and I said no because I had stumbled onto the Vacation Timeshare Resort industry. That was in 1980.

I thought land sales was fun but Timeshare sales spoiled me. At Timberland, Jim provided leads but we had to call them and make appointments. In the Timeshare business all I had to do was present and close. Prospects were brought to me. I had 3 – 5 opportunities to do business every single day. I did what I was good at – I closed sales.

Paul Miller and The Car Business

car-business-selling-carsIn 1987 I left the Timeshare Resort industry (government regulations were beginning to kill the industry) and joined a small car dealership.

I went from selling cars to the Finance and Insurance dept. (F&I) and was then promoted to sales manager.

I was making great money, had two free demos to drive, free gas, free insurance (life, medical, disability) and a 401K but what I didn’t have was time to enjoy it.

Heck, I worked 70 and 80 hour weeks! So, what I soon wanted (it took me 8 years to leave the grind) was the income and TIME. I wanted time to enjoy life.

Paul Miller and Network Marketing

me_and_my_beemerIn 1994 I found a Network Marketing (MLM) I liked, started building with any spare minute I found and in 1997 I became a permanent “work from home” MLM home business builder.

In fact, in 2+ years of working part-time I managed to find several good leaders and soon had an organization that was 20,000 strong and produced an average sales volume of 600,000 per month (that I got paid on – a lot of my volume was out of my pay level).

That organization was built the old fashioned way – with old school building techniques (meetings, phone, fax, voicemail, advertising). Unfortunately that company went out of business in 2001 and I lost everything I had accomplished and that really irritated me.

In fact it totally ticked me off to the point I said to myself: “Self this MLM and Network Marketing Home Business thing is nothing but crap! It doesn’t go on forever, like we pitched, we don’t own anything (the “own your own business” thing was a lie to me cuz I didn’t own anything, not the way I had set stuff up) and so I got out of Network Marketing. Which left me to look towards another avenue of revenue generation …

Affiliate Marketing With Paul Miller

wealthy-affiliate-success-in-4-stepsNow as I stated earlier my MLM organization was built using “old school” methods which meant I did face-to-face and group presentations, held home meetings, did teleseminars, and 3 way calls.

We generated leads by running ads in magazines (Success, entrepreneur, Spare Time and others), newspapers (both major pubs like USA Today and those cheap little free papers) and collected leads via voicemail. We didn’t just accost people at the mall, we cooked with gas. And …

Even though the Internet was becoming popular nobody was using it yet when my team and I were seriously building but by 2000 things were changing yet I didn’t even know how to do email so when I started trying to figure out affiliate marketing it was a struggle let me tell you.

You should have seen me trying to work my first autoresponder and build my first website! If I had it on tape it would most likely win the 100K on Americas Funniest Home Videos! But now there are training programs and YouTube, with video tutorials. Man …

I’d have given my left – no – I wouldn’t give that but I’d have gladly paid to learn how to use those pieces of software and how to drive targeted traffic to my sites and how to optimize web pages and so much more if it would have been available then.

So you definitely have a leg up now, trust me.

The biggest nugget I can offer is to tell you learn to market online like a pro.

Training IS the KEY to success in either network or affiliate marketing and there are only three things you need to learn. Maybe you’ll learn those three things on this blog.

Maybe you should stick around, have some coffee and check out my posts.

Maybe you should make sure you get any new info I post. Anyway …

WHY Are YOU Here?

Maybe you are looking at affiliate marketing for extra money to pay bills or even a career change and long-term passive income but …

It really doesn’t matter whether you want to create an extra $500 per month or a super affiliate empire, what does matter is that you find some nugget of information here at my blog that enables you to reach your goals.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you return often. I’ll be adding more and more content some of which may prove very valuable to you. If you do find my content of value please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and wherever else you deem appropriate. I’ll appreciate it a lot 🙂

I wish you success online!

Paul Miller

P.S. IF you are serious about learning to market online make sure you check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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