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Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

IS wealthy affiliate worth it? what-is-wealthy-affiliate-universityIs Wealthy Affiliate worth it? What is Wealthy Affiliate? What does Wealthy Affiliate offer that I should invest $49 per month? I mean, hey $49 per month for premium membership might cut into the beer budget right? So you may be seriously asking “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?”

If you are one of the millions of people who are coming online daily in search of their own slice of the online marketing goldmine and …  

You are actively looking for a way to make money online, you have most likely come across hundreds of sites hawking the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Undoubtedly if you are like me and most other people you have probably asked yourself several times “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?” Is WA University worth $1.63 per day?

In order to answer that question properly one has to ask a few other questions.

1) Are you new online, green as grass with no skills?
2) Have you been online for a while, trying to make money online, but have failed?
3) What is your plan to remedy either 1 or 2?
4) Do you even have a plan to remedy 1 and or 2?
5) Would you like a plan to remedy your woes?

Unless you plan on joining the next big mlm (network marketing) opportunity and get rich over night by using some cool wowie zowie, cookie-cutter guru system that only costs $50 – $297 per month (depending upon whistles and bells); you know that system that everyone on the planet has, not just you …

YOU my friend are going to need some way to brand yourself as an expert in the niche’ you want to dominate and create sales. This isn’t something up for debate, its pure fact. Now what does that mean to you? It means …

is wealthy affiliate worth it - build-a-free-website

You Need a Website

wealthy-affiliate-success-in-4-stepsCRINGE! Oh man I can hear you whine now! “But I don’t want to build a website!” or “I don’t know how and I don’t want to learn. It’s too hard!”

You want to make money online right? Well, seriously do you really think the fairy godmother is gonna simply leave cash under your pillow?

If you want to earn money from home online you need a website and in order to have a website you NEED a place for it to hang out. A home. You know, an address. And that means you need a domain name and a hosting plan.

A good domain will require a measly investment of about $12 per year but hosting is another matter. Good hosting will run you about $10/month, $120 per year. Sure I know, you’ve seen the ads for cheap hosting. Have you ever really looked into it? That cheap price is there to suck you in. It is usually for a small amount of space and only one site. You know big enough to host your family photos but not nearly enough juice to run a business so …

You need to go the next step up to have something usable for your business and that’s right at $10 per month. I know these things because I do LOOK. Then since you are green as grass (brand new) or even failing online like I was; chances are you wouldn’t know how to build a site with html or xml or css to save your soul. Am I right? So what you need is a simple step-by-step way to create a site in just a few minutes, Well …

It just so happens that Wealthy Affiliate knows all this about you and so they created a way for you to have your first site up and ready for content is about 20 – 30 minutes, give or take a few. In fact …

Let me show you a screen shot of how simple this is gonna be for you. Gimme 4 steps, gimme 4 steps – ok – your site will be up in FOUR (4) steps.

IF I can have a site up and ready for content in 30 minutes to an hour max you should certainly be able to do the same because, trust me when I say this, I am no techie! And building sites used to be a dreadful experience for me. I hated it!

But now it a breeze. A cake  walk.

As you can see there are FOUR (4) steps.

1) Choose a free site or one with a domain (must be a premium member)
2) Name your site
3) Choose your site’s look
4) Click build my site

If this road map diagram wasn’t enough check out this video:

You’ll also have the best affiliate training on the planet. I only wish I had joined Wealthy Affiliate years ago (before I had my own hosting) because I could have saved money that I am now paying to my other hosting company. I’d be saving at least $20 bucks per month but let’s say you only needed what I originally satrted with which was a step up from basic (worthless) hosting. That is a solid $10 per month and with WA hosting you’ll be able to host up to 50 sites as a premium member! The Wealthy Affiliate hosting account isn’t simply a junk starter account. It is most likely all you ever need so …

$49 – $10 for hosting = $39 right? You have $39 per month that needs some value established so the next tool you are going to need in order to root out niches and keywords/phrases is a handy-dandy keyword tool.

You Need a Keyword Tool

It usta be (that’s hillbilly for it used to be) that you or I could use the Google keyword tool for free and get a right fine idea of the niche’ landscape. But Google, bless their heart, changed that so the tool is now almost worthless except for AdWords campaigns.

You can probably get a cheap keyword tool for around $10 bucks per month. I don’t know of one but you could probably root one out. Most run about $30 – $80 per month. You can save a bunch by paying yearly and then come the upgrades! But here let me show you a decent keyword tool as an example of cost.

As you can see the starter plan is $25 per month but if you are going to build a business you may need the pro version (I’m pretty sure you’d need the pro version) and that’s $45 per month so right there in just those two (2) NECESSARY tools hosting and keyword tool you are going to invest at LEAST $35 – $55 per month!

Let’s Look At The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

The WA keyword tool is simple to use. You can easily dig out low competition keywords and phrases to begin building out your site with fresh, original high quality content. In fact, watch this video to see exactly how easy it is to root out quality, low coompetition keywords.

You Need Training

The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate allows you to host up to 50 sites and allows unlimited use of the WA keyword tool all for $49 per month or $1.63 per day and guess what?

You also get tons of training. You have two basic courses:

The first is the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification.


Each course is ten (10) lessons. When you are done with all 50 lessons you’ll be able to dominate any niche’ you choose to work in. But that isn’t all because you also have the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp. This training is 7 phases with 10 lessons in each phase. Once you get through this course you’ll be in the pro class. All you have to do is implement what you learn and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an Internet star. So let’s do a quick recap shall we?

Here’s the training resources available to you as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate:

1) ONE HUNDRED TWENTY (120) step-by-step marketing lessons
2) 12 different class rooms
3) 1000+ training videos
4) LIVE weekly training
5) Unlimited LIVE Chat

And since you have already paid for your Wealthy Affiliate membership with the two most important tools you’ll need why you can just say that 3 – 4 years worth of spot on training is absolutely free.

Just to summarize …

Whether you join Wealthy Affiliate or not you are going to buy it because you NEED everything that Wealthy Affiliate provides. You need hosting, you need an easy-to-use site builder, you need a keyword tool and unless you want to spend HOURS upon HOURS just looking for bits and pieces of training you are going to pay for that too and …

You’ll likely pay more than $49/mo!

So, what is your judgement? Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money? If you can see the value open your free account and give WA a good try. See if it fit s you! Whichever way you choose …

I wish you success!

YES! I Think Wealthy Affiliate Is Worth It!
I Want To Open My Own Free Account 

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