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How to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

How to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

How to make money with Wealthy Affiliate and buy your dream car

How to make money with Wealthy Affiliate? Great question and I’m really glad you asked because there are two distinct ways you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate but before I launch into explaining those ways I want you to understand perfectly, I mean in the most crystal clear way, that Wealthy Affiliate may not be for you.

If you are looking for an “overnight” riches type deal I suggest you neither waste your time or mine. You’d do far better buying a lottery ticket (because most overnight riches hunters are LAZY) or …

Joining some online scam with a circus barking guru who claims to have been homeless, living out of his van but now live on the beaches of the world simply because he did this or that. The reasons I point this all out are because …

Wealthy Affiliate IS NOT:

  1. Network Marketing (MLM)
  2. Boasting another get rich quick scheme
  3. Claiming you’ll get rich from “spillover” due to some wowie zowie 2 X 10, super charged, mega bonused forced matrix pay plan

Nope if you join Wealthy Affiliate expecting to get rich overnight or off of someone else’s efforts you are going to suffer the worst of disappointments! So …

The best advice I can give you IF you are “one of those” is to move along and look for a guru “rags to riches” story you can swallow with those pills and beer.

break through barriers to make money online

I certainly know how to clear a room don’t I?

IF you’re still here let’s take a hard look at just HOW YOU are going to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Making Money with Wealthy Affiliate

I mentioned that there are two ways to make money so let’s look at those two ways now.

The first way you can begin to create an income online is by building your first free website following the step-by-step direction training in the ….

Educate yourself to make money online

make money online education

As you can see you will be taught:

  1. the mechanics of making money online,
  2. how to choose your niche’,
  3. how to build your site
  4. how to choose keywords
  5. how to write content

You’ll learn more here at Wealthy Affiliate as a free student than you will pay outlandish fees at other less reputable affiliate training sites. So …

Build Multiple Streams of Income

Again the first way to make money is to choose your own niche(s). You can build your own affiliate empire simply by creating one site, building it out to the point it’s highly profitable and then building more sites in different niches. The multiple streams of income thing. For example …

If you love remote controlled model airplanes you build a site and offer visitors quality information on how to build remote-controlled model airplanes, or where to buy them etc.

multiple streams of income

You could build out a site on gardening, becoming a farrier (horseshoeing), quilting, scrap booking, adult coloring, or a myriad of other things you may be interested in or even passionate about.

You can also promote Wealthy Affiliate as a free student and earn residual income that you can use to pay for your upgrade to premium.

As a free or “starter” student you can earn $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.25 monthly and $87.50 yearly commissions. You can earn those commissions on EVERY referral you refer to WA who upgrades to premium.

As a FREE “starter” student with one hundred (100) upgraded students (at $49 monthly) you would earn $1,125.00 per month residual (recurring) income. $1,076.00 adjusted gross income after you paid your $49 monthly fees. What could you do with an EXTRA $1,076.00 residual monthly income? AND …

Just ten (10) upgraded premium students would earn you $235.00 per month which would pay for YOUR upgrade to premium every month and still leave $186.00 in PROFIT.

How to make money with Wealthy Affiliate

Once you’ve decided that Wealthy Affiliate is your home to be for a long time you can upgrade to premium and then earn $8 for the first month $19 special offer, then $23.50 thereafter per month or $175 for every yearly subscription.

You’ll even be taught step-by-step how to make money with wealthy affiliate using their affiliate program. As a free student you get the first course of Affiliate Bootcamp which includes 10 lessons for ZERO cost.

learn to promote Wealthy Affiliate

WHY Should YOU Become A Wealthy Affiliate Student?

If you need to learn exactly HOW to market products, services or ideas online you need training. Training IS the key to success in online marketing.

IF you are a Realtor, small business owner (pizza joint, tavern, dry cleaner, carpet layer, drywaller, construction company owner, roofer etc), if you own an auto dealership, insurance agency or are in sales and need to generate leads or walk-in traffic then …

YOU need a web presence in today’s market because …

Most people look for information, choose who they might do business with and then go into the brick and motor business to buy or they buy online without even getting into their car.

That’s the way shopping is done in the 21st Century and if you own a business that relies upon direct person-to-person contact and needs leads to sell products, services or ideas to people directly, you definitely need an online presence (website). And …

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you exactly what you need to know. So …

What EXACTLY will you learn, I mean the end result?

This is shot of the traffic to one of my sites so far this month (as of October 8th, 2016)

learn to promote your business

I’ve had over 19,900 visitors so far this month (8th day) and my site page(s) AVERAGE position in Google search is 9.2 – THAT means most of my pages are on page ONE (1) of Google!

It means I get traffic. AND …

Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate I couldn’t get traffic to one of my sites if I begged, pleaded and offered to sell my girlfriend! So the training turned me from an online loser to an online money earner.

But Get this …

You NEED Tools and Training!

Whether you join Wealthy Affiliate or not you need tools (hosting, site builder, keyword tool) in order to build an online business. That means you’ll need to invest at least $10 per month for hosting and another $25 – $80 per month for a good keyword tool. And you’ll need to learn HOW to market online (training).

Why not have everything you need under one roof? For example, you’ll get:

  1. Hosting for Up to 50 websites (premium member)
  2. An easy-to-use- site builder (4 simple mouse clicks)
  3. Unlimited use of the WA keyword tool (premium member)
  4. 120 training lessons
  5. 1000+ training videos
  6. LIVE weekly training via webinar
  7. LIVE chat (get help anytime 24/7)

All for $49/mo, $1.63 per day. And wait there’s more!

You’ll also have me as a mentor anytime you need help 🙂

Set up your free Wealthy Affiliate account today. Click the blue button to get started free. Do it now 🙂


Paul aka Profithog

P.S. I and others were even chatting with Kyle (one of the founders) today in LIVE chat. Check it out!

How to make money with Wealthy Affiliate

P.P.S. Go set up your free account and see if Wealthy Affiliate is for you! Click the blue button now!


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